Collect useful information

Find out what your clients, staff and stakeholders want from your programs.

Reduce cost of evaluations

Choose from a list of tested tools and begin immediately.

Customize as much as you want

You can use the standard tools provided by SIS or add your own.

Protect personal data

Data is stored on Canadian servers and protected by GDPR-compliant processes.

How Sis Works

SIS is a monitoring and evaluation platform run by a Canadian nonprofit. It supports all of the steps in an evaluation project, from initial planning to the final report:

  1. Sign up for a subscription. We suggest you begin with a Basic subscription and then upgrade later if you need to.
  2. Choose your instruments. SIS offers a few basic instruments that you can implement immediately to get feedback from your community and improve your services. When you want more data collection tools, choose from our growing list or hire us to create ones that meet your evaluation needs. We will help you choose validated indicators and measures for your programs.
  3. Customize your private evaluation site. You can define programs for your organization so that you can carry out multiple monitoring and evaluation projects for different programs.
  4. Collect data. Send out surveys or collect interviews via phone, email, web or paper forms. You can choose different samples and track their results over time.
  5. Explore your data. Share your results and dig down into the details with interactive visualizations created in Power BI.
  6. Write evaluation reports. Pull together all of the reports, documents, lists and workplans that SIS has generated and save it into a final report for your funders.


For more information see our FAQs or book a demonstration of SIS