KoNote is an open source stand-alone software application that can be integrated with SIS. It allows programs to track individual clients over time and can be used as a simple client management system.

Programs can create their own measures and indicators and/or use SIS measures. Here’s an example report:

KoNote demo graph

KoNote was developed by Dr. David Gotlib, a psychiatrist and software developer, who donated the software to LogicalOutcomes. (Dr. Gotlib is now on our Board.) KoNote can be run on Windows and Mac without external hosting or software development.

KoNote vs SIS – What’s the difference?

SIS does not collect personal identifiable information like names and dates of birth.  SIS protects client privacy by minimizing personal data and sensitive information about individuals. That means that SIS can be used to evaluate programs at a group level but not manage clients.

KoNote, on the other hand, was designed as an Electronic Health Record that allows a counsellor to work more effectively with an individual client or family. KoNote provides detailed analytics about that particular person or family. The analytics are used to plan interventions and discuss progress with clients.

KoNote allows users to create measures instantly. For example, a client might want to increase the amount of time she spends with friends. You and she can decide whether to track hours a week or  perhaps times per week. It takes seconds to add that measure and begin tracking it.

Create a new target called ‘Socializing’:

Screenshot of KoNote goal tracking

Then create a metric for that target:

Screenshot of KoNote metric

Done! You can now begin tracking. At any time you can change the metric definition, create new ones, and ‘retire’ old ones that aren’t relevant any more. And KoNote will automatically graph the results so you and your client can see progress and change over time. 

How does KoNote work with SIS?

KoNote can be used for program evaluation by including standard, validated measures in addition to the informal measures that you and your client define together. For example, you can collect a set of demographic and baseline outcome measures at your initial meeting. Then you can update the outcome measures every 6 months or at the end of services. 

KoNote can export data stripped of personal information into standard CSV format. That data can be imported into SIS and visualized using Power BI just like all the other SIS measures.  

What about security? 

KoNote data is secured with strong AES encryption and is compliant with U.S. HIPAA requirements. It is designed to operate from:

  • a common local network drive
  • a shared Dropbox folder
  • your own online server
  • a SIS OneDrive or SharePoint folder

It can be used offline and synchronized when the connection to the server is regained. It can be used by a large multi-disciplinary team or by an individual practitioner, and takes less than 5 minutes to install. 

For more information:

The user documentation is coming soon (ask us if it’s not here). In the meantime you can play with the program – just unzip the relevant file and install on your computer (the files are over 50 MB each):

Let us know if you want to contribute to the code base! KoNote is open source under the MIT license, and we can share access to the Github repository.