Surveys or interviews

Surveys and interviews collect information from respondents. They may be filled out on paper, online, or by phone or face-to-face interviews. Interview protocols are scripts that you can use for phone, web or face-to-face interviews. The interviewer can fill in the form during or after the conversation. They are especially useful for open-ended questions and also for multiple languages; interviewers can translate or explain the questions to ensure respondents understand them. They are also good for getting informed consent with respondents who may not be able to read surveys.

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This interview protocol is designed to be used by staff or volunteers with clients and program participants. It can be done individually or in a group, on the phone or face-to-face. It can be translated into any language on the fly by the interviewer, so it doesn’t require respondents to use English or to read […]

17 question 'outcome survey' designed for adults receiving a wide range of social services. You can hide questions that are not relevant to your programs.

Survey for staff and volunteers based on the Team Effectiveness measure. Includes open-ended suggestions.