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What is SIS?

SIS means Service Information System. It is managed by LogicalOutcomes, a Canadian non-profit that provides evaluation and consulting services. SIS is a tool that we use for our own evaluations. It has several elements:

  • A private site where you can manage your evaluation tools, send out surveys and analyze your data.
  • A library of survey instruments, interviews and other data collection tools customized for your programs.
  • A growing registry of evidence-based measures and indicators that you can add to your library.
  • A powerful interactive data visualization tool that allows you to explore your data in depth and communicate results to your stakeholders.

What is the quickest way to get started?

Contact us to schedule a conversation. SIS is complicated and kind of hard to explain in writing.

How much does it cost to add or customize instruments?

The measures that SIS uses in its surveys and data collection tools are free or open source. You can copy and use them in your own systems as long as you comply with their licensing terms. The instruments we create ourselves can be copied and reused under Creative Commons licensing. SIS charges fees for the effort to code metadata and design visualizations in Power BI. Costs vary from about $100 upward per instrument depending on complexity.

You may not need to add instruments. We have created standard surveys and other data collection tools that can be customized for your own programs without extra cost.

How much evaluation knowledge do you need for SIS?

The Basic and Group SIS subscriptions are designed to be used by small non-profits and people without specialized evaluation expertise. SIS subscribers just need to know about confidentiality and ethical research practices to protect the privacy of vulnerable clients. We will provide training on request, or we can handle the whole evaluation for you.

The expert subscription is for experienced evaluators or larger organizations that want more control over their evaluation tools. Experts will be able to create their own reports using Power BI and analyze raw data using their own tools (such as R or SPSS).

Can I add my own questions?

If you have an Expert Subscription you can add your own questions, create your own surveys and design your own data visualizations.

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