An instrument means a data collection tool. It might be a survey, interview script or data entry form, and it could even be a spreadsheet or a KoNote template. Instruments always include one or more measures and, if you are asking for personal data, a consent question. You can’t collect data without an instrument. You can choose the instruments you want in your SIS subscription (5 are included in a Basic level and you can order more if you wish).

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The evaluation plan workbook is designed to help small programs create a basic evaluation plan. It's free to use for as many projects as you like.

This interview protocol is designed to be used by staff or volunteers with clients and program participants. It can be done individually or in a group, on the phone or face-to-face. It can be translated into any language on the fly by the interviewer, so it doesn’t require respondents to use English or to read […]

Use this workbook to create a simple Program Logic Model for any of your programs. You can use the PDF summary in your funding proposals. Feel free to share this with colleagues - it's free to use.

17 question 'outcome survey' designed for adults receiving a wide range of social services. You can hide questions that are not relevant to your programs.

Quick suggestion poll (3 questions) that asks for one open-ended suggestion, a priority rating (Very important, Important, Not very important), and a category.

Survey for staff and volunteers based on the Team Effectiveness measure. Includes open-ended suggestions.