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This product is an instrument with your selected measures in it, along with data visualizations that capture the main results. You can choose whether it’s an online or printed survey, an Excel spreadsheet, or a KoNote template.

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This product is an instrument with your selected measures in it. You can choose whether it’s an online or printed survey, a SharePoint list, an Excel spreadsheet, or a KoNote template.

The instrument includes:

  • Consent question if it collects personal data
  • One or more measures (you can choose the ones you want and the total cost depends on the number of questions in the instrument)
  • Metadata codes for each question, measure and answer option (helpful if you want to aggregate data with other information systems)
  • Interactive report in Power BI

Software for data collection

The instrument may use one of several different software programs:

  • Anonymous surveys use LimeSurvey, which is an open source research tool used by hundreds of researchers worldwide. Surveys work well in mobile devices and also can be used as paper forms.
  • Client note-taking instruments and Electronic Health Records are created in KoNote, an open source program. KoNote can be used to manage your client records for your entire program.
  • SharePoint lists in Microsoft Office 365 can collect and organize information like organizational self-assessments that do not contain personal data.
  • Excel spreadsheets can convert data from just about any other collection tool.

The costs of creating an instrument

Instrument creation involves several steps:

  • Selecting the measures you want, including demographic questions (like age and gender)
  • Entering information about the questions, answer options, codes, method of measurement, etc. into our metadata registry, including language translations if necessary
  • Creating a usable instrument in LimeSurvey, KoNote, SharePoint or Excel
  • Designing interactive reports in Power BI that capture the main results of the instrument

Most of the costs are already included in your SIS subscription, such as the overall data models, process flow, security processes and taxonomies. However, there are several steps that cannot be automated, and that require an expert analyst. We charge enough to cover our costs in designing a new instrument. As soon as it is added into the SIS platform, it can be made available to other users as part of their subscriptions.

Cost of measures

We do not charge for measures. Measures, such as the wording of questions, are intellectual property that are owned by the people who created them. SIS measures are drawn from international registries and research literature, or created by LogicalOutcomes. We share measures that can be used by nonprofits at no cost. In some cases, the copyright terms of a measure restricts use by for-profit organizations. We try not to use any measure that is not open access but if we’ve posted one in error please let us know and we will remove it from SIS.


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