SIS Subscription

A SIS subscription can provide everything you need to evaluate your programs, including standard instruments and data visualizations and a private site to manage your evaluation projects. Choose between Basic, Group and Expert levels. Prices are in US and Canadian dollars (if you are Canadian, you get an automatic discount!)

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A SIS subscription can provide almost everything you need to evaluate your programs. It includes:

  • Five SIS instruments
  • A private SharePoint site with a library of your surveys and interview tools, customized for your organization
  • A list of your programs and locations, with the ability to send surveys to each of them and compare results
  • An administration panel where you can prepare surveys for administration. For example, you can define the size and composition of the group who will receive the survey, and assign the survey to a specific program or branch location
  • A workplan for all of your evaluation projects
  • Interactive reports and data visualizations
  • Templates and technical appendices for your final evaluation report
  • Secure and encrypted data in Canadian servers
  • Access to skilled researchers and evaluators (optional, at additional cost)

SIS is based on tested measures and validated indicators drawn from hundreds of sources (for information on how we select indicators, see the FAQs page). Based on these measures we have created standard surveys and other data collection tools.

See the Gallery for examples of our standard instruments and data visualizations.