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This page shows all the elements of SIS, including measures, which are free. To buy SIS, go to Get SIS.

SIS is a complex platform with lots of options. Feel free to Book a SIS Demo to talk about the best package for your needs. We will always try to keep the costs as low as possible. 

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Consulting and training can be bought in bundles of 10 hours (at a blended rate of $80/hour).  For that you get a team of experienced evaluators and analysts who can create new instruments, design reports, train your staff in evaluation and help you with designing a strong evaluation project.

One question that asks, "In which country were you born?". Answer is short text box.

A high-touch setup process for Basic, Team and Expert Subscriptions. We help you define your evaluation objectives and customize instruments.

10 questions that ask about equity in service delivery, as a self-assessment tool for organizations providing heath care services.

One question, "How would you describe yourself?" with answer options White, South Asian (e.g., East Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, etc.), Chinese, Black, Filipino, Latin American, Arab, Southeast Asian (e.g., Vietnamese, Cambodian, Malaysian, Laotian, etc.), West Asian (e.g., Iranian, Afghan, etc.), Korean, Japanese and Other. The options are used in national surveys by Statistics Canada.

Includes consulting from experienced evaluators and researchers to help you select and design the right instruments for your program. We will work with you to create a logic model, evaluation plan and evaluation framework. Then we'll help you select and customize data collection tools. This level includes 15 hours of consulting and development.

The evaluation plan workbook is designed to help small programs create a basic evaluation plan. It's free to use for as many projects as you like.

One question ("What is your gender?") with 4 options: Female, Male, Gender diverse, and 'Prefer not to say'.

This interview protocol is designed to be used by staff or volunteers with clients and program participants. It can be done individually or in a group, on the phone or face-to-face. It can be translated into any language on the fly by the interviewer, so it doesn’t require respondents to use English or to read […]

This product is an instrument with your selected measures in it, along with data visualizations that capture the main results. You can choose whether it's an online or printed survey, an Excel spreadsheet, or a KoNote template.