SIS surveys and interviews are always voluntary. You can refuse to participate, and you can refuse to answer any question at any time.

SIS information is used only to improve services that support international goals such as improving health and well-being. Specifically, your information may be used to:

  • Provide summary reports about the effectiveness of health and community organizations, and whether people are satisfied with their services.
  • Share your anonymous comments about services to the organizations that are serving you (with your permission).
  • Provide summary reports about the type of people who use services.
  • Carry out research on what programs are most useful for various people and problems.

SIS surveys will not ask for your name, personal ID, or other information that will identify you. However, SIS may collect email addresses or other contact information that will be used to send you online surveys or carry out phone interviews. In those cases, the contact information will be kept separately from the responses. 

SIS data will be kept for up to seven years, in encrypted format, and then deleted. This allows organizations to compare their results across many years. If your survey consent says something different than seven years, it will be deleted according to your consent. 

SIS is an evaluation service managed by LogicalOutcomes, a Canadian non-profit organization. See our SIS privacy policy here for more details. We collect data for evaluators or organizations that subscribe to SIS. Those evaluators or organizations may download SIS data to analyze it in more detail, or if they decide to unsubscribe from SIS. In that case, they have agreed to keep the data encrypted, to delete the data after seven years (or whatever time period you consented to), and to handle the data responsibly.